Naadam Mini

Babies are some of the softest things around so it's only right they be
swaddled in the softest mongolian cashmere.

The softest


Booties + Blanket + Beanie in a super cute packable pouch.
The coziest, snuggliest, oh-so-softest cashmere set for your littlest one.
(Congrats on winning the baby shower).


Cashmere Blanket

There's nothing softer, smoother, and more
comforting for your baby than a blanket made
from the rarest cashmere in the world.


Cashmere Bootie

These insanely adorable baby booties are
lovingly crafted to keep your little one's feet warm
and cozy without slipping off.


Cashmere Beanie

This soft and smooth baby beanie will keep
your little one's head warm and cozy without
slipping forward over their eyes.